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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bethany Grubb

New Beginnings

I guess you never quite know how a day or a person can change your life. Recently both these events have renewed my wonder in this world. My life has changed dramatically and for the better in the last 9 months. I have an amazing relationship and a new beginning to my life. Eric and I had that kind of life altering experience the day we met and then again last fall on a drive in the country, house hunting. After looking at many homes that did not excite us, we came across a home in Granville, Ohio. Before we even stepped across the threshold, we both had tears in our eyes because we knew this was the house we were dreaming of. It was built prior to the Civil war in 1858, thus the "Antebellum" part. It sits on five beautiful acres on a quiet country road. We purchased the home just a few weeks ago and I am still not believing it is our home. I am inspired in so many creative ways by this adventure and can't wait to begin settling in.